About Us

The Your Cannabis Love delivery platform allows registered medical marijuana patients along with others to receive their cannabis-based care, Hemp, and CBD products within the safety and convenience of their own home.


How is Your Cannabis Love organized?

Your Cannabis Love is a California Cooperative Corporation that is dedicated to providing medical marijuana products that are private, professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. 
Is it legal to order medical marijuana online?

Yes! Your Cannabis Love operates in strict accordance with Health and Safety Code, 11362.5 and Attorney General Jerry Brown’s guidelines for medical cannabis use and distribution. We are extremely careful to follow strict screening protocols for membership and delivery. Before being admitted as a member of YourCannabisOrders, patients must provide either a state-issued MMP (Medical Marijuana Program) card or a valid Doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana use, verified by YourCannabisOrders
Is it discrete?

At Your Cannabis Love, we understand the need for discretion, so all shipping and billing is done under our sister company DBA for your privacy. We realize that many medical marijuana patients have friends and family who may not fully understand the laws or the medical benefits of cannabis.

Your Cannabis Love offers a solution by allowing its members to order online and have their medicine delivered by a professional carrier.
Is my information shared?

Members of Your Cannabis Love’s information and medical records remain completely confidential and are only used in processing your order. Patient records will only be disclosed at the written consent of the patient.
How do I register?

All prospective members will follow our easy 2-step online New Patient Registration process. Members must possess a valid recommendation to use medical marijuana from a licensed physician (MD). Once the prospective member’s paper works are verified by Your Cannabis Love staff, you will receive a login/password information to start your order.
How long does it take to be verified?

As soon as the administrative staff at Your Cannabis Love confirm your recommendation to use medical marijuana, your information will be processed the same business day.
Will I be charged additional sales tax?

All applicable local and state taxes are charged.