PureGold Squeeze Tubes

PureGold Squeeze Tubes are the ultimate concentrate for dabbing and refilling vaporizer pens. Ultra pure, very strong, and has the perfect drop-by-drop squeeze tube dispenser. Classic and Plus flavors.

Ingredients and their Purity

Squeeze Tubes contain PureGold, which is not an ordinary hash oil. Rather, PureGold consists only of purified cannabinoids that are further refined from ordinary extract or hash oil. It is pale yellow and crystal clear.

PureGold contains no solvents, molds, bacteria or plant matter. In fact, you can see the purity because you can see right through it. Compare a PureGold Squeeze Tube to other concentrates. PureGold is clear, light in color and has no junk floating in it.

PureGold Squeeze Tubes contain all natural ingredients. To formulate the ingredients for the Classic flavor, we mix PureGold with 5% Limonene, a natural terpene found in Cannabis and any other plants. The Plus version contains additional flavonoids, pigments, and terpenes. Strain-Specific versions contain only PureGold and low-pressure CO2 extracted terpenes from their original strains. PureGold contains no polyethylene glycol or propylene glycol. The capsule is made from edible gelatin so you don’t have to worry about contamination from plastic.